Teachers & Group Leaders


Where does the boat go to?

There are many options depending on the timescale of your visit and the capacity of the boat you choose for your visit. Most community boats take 12 people at a time including adults. Most school parties arrive at 10:30 and leave at 2:30. Therefore in order that a group of 30 can go on a boat trip, each trip is 45 min and goes through the Islington tunnel to see a lock and return to the museum.

Who books the boat?

Usually we suggest a boat to you and you book it yourself. If booked by the museum and then charged to you, we will add VAT to your invoice. The community boat charities are smaller organisations who do not have to charge you VAT. The community boats are listed on our main website, Community Boats page.

How is a visit to the canal museum structured?

Usually Group arrive at 10:30 Welcome talk, toilet visit and coats 10min Group splits into three groups Group one Workshop 45 min Group two Activity and museum galleries 45 min Group three Boat trip 45 min The groups rotate and after two activities we have lunch After the last activity we all come back together for a summary activity.

Where can our coach park?

The coach can drop off groups outside or at the end of New Wharf Road. The driver will need to take the coach away until you are ready to leave.

Where can we put our coats?

Coats and bags are stored in a safe place during your visit

Is it suitable for special needs children?

Yes. See our special needs page.

Can we buy our Lunch at the museum?

No. Groups are advised to bring a packed lunch. We sell drinks and ice creams in our gift shop.

What is the minimum and maximum number of children?

The minimum number to qualify for group admission charges is 10 paying people. The maximum is normally 60 but any more than 30 will require careful advance planning in consultation with us. These are not hard-and-fast rules and we will consider any special requests of circumstances.

Can we park a minibus?

A minibus can drop off passengers outside but, except on Saturday afternoons and Sundays, it cannot park in New Wharf Road. Vehicles entitled to park on a single yellow line restricted area because of a disabled badge, can do so.