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Key Stage 2


This lesson explores how the canals were built, the people who built them and the techniques involved in keeping them watertight.

National Curriculum


  • Sc1 Scientific Enquiry 1b, 2b, 2d, 2e, 2i, 2j; Sc3

Materials And Their Properties

  • Grouping & Classifying Materials 1a & d


  • Victorian Britain 11a

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the principle of a fair scientific test.
  • To understand the meaning of the word 'permeability'.
  • To design a fair test to investigate the water permeability of different materials.
  • To draw conclusions about which materials would have been best for lining the bottom and sides of a canal to make it watertight.


  • All children will learn that some materials are more permeable than others.
  • Most children will learn the principles of a fair test, and which material was most watertight.
  • A few children will learn that the most watertight material was the most suitable for lining canals, and why it was chosen by the navigators for this purpose.

Additional Resources

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For historical background on the role of navvies in canal building we also have a Navvies Information Sheet Download infosheet-navvies
Download Lesson Plan