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Online Learning

There are online educational resources in this education section about the economic and social history of the canals in the UK and these were designed for children learning transport history at Key Stage 3. There is also a set of online resources about the Victorian ice trade designed for Key Stage 2 upwards.

The transport history resource consists of seven “enquiries” which the student can investigate online. Each enquiry has a question and six associated “slides” giving answers to the question and background evidence. The slides are illustrated and many have additional background images, text, statistics, or documents available as an additional “pop-up box”. There are around 75 images in all and a larger number of pages.

The Victorian ice trade resource consists of one “enquiry” with a question and six answer slides and additional pop-up information.

The enquiries are designed without too many distractions so that the student is encouraged to work through them. Each enquiry leads to the next.

How to Use the Enquiries

The enquiries can be used as a stand alone resource but are best used as preparation for a visit to the museum, perhaps combined with a trip on a canal boat. The museum does not duplicate the online resources. With an understanding of the background, students will be able to see some of what the canals were really like.

The Downloads Page offers lesson plans and variety of activity sheets to download, reproduce in school, and bring with you on your visit to the museum.

There are also online resources on the London Canal Museum main website. These are written primarily for an adult audience but may nonetheless be useful, especially for projects.