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Key Stage 3


This workshop looks in considerable detail at the growth of the canal network during the 18th century, using the resources available in the Museum - maps of the network, the Coronis, the costume displays, Battlebridge Basin, cargo handling, the life of Carlo Gatti, The displays in the Museum are used as stimuli for analytical thinking about the role of the canals in the Industrial Revolution.

National Curriculum


  • Historical Enquiry 4a, Breadth of Study 7a, b, & bc, Britain (1750-1900) 10

Learning Objectives

  • To learn about the problems that had to be overcome during the construction of the canals.
  • To learn about the development of the canal network between 1760 and 1835.
  • To investigate what life on board a canal boat was like by looking at the Coronis.
  • To investigate what the life of the canal people was like from the other displays.
  • To investigate how Battlebridge Basin has changed since 1871.
  • To investigate the value of canal posters as historical sources.
  • To investigate different methods of cargo handling.
  • To learn about Carlo Gatti and his role in the ice trade.
  • To investigate the role of the canals in developing Britain's economy.
  • To investigate the development of the Regent's Canal.
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