Teachers & Group Leaders

Teachers & Group Leaders

Everything you need for a successful visit! Use the menus to check out our curriculum-linked school activities or contact us to see what we can offer your group

London Canal Museum is London’s only museum of inland waterways. The canals played a vital part in our history, and today they offer a wonderful resource for education. The museum can help with key areas of the National Curriculum and the opportunities for cross curricular learning will enable you to make excellent use of the time spent on a visit.

Your group could take a step back in time when they go inside a restored narrow boat cabin and find out about the cargoes carried. They could make ice cream and find out more about the history of our building and its links to the Norwegian ice trade or work out the connections between canals and the industrial revolution. Classes doing local studies can find out more about the Kings Cross area and how it has changed from the opening of the canal in 1820.

STEM subjects are also covered in our programme; we have a range of maths trails, as well as activities to look at insulators, building the canals and using the ice once stored beneath our floors. Forces and displacement are also covered in a canal context.

We offer a free preliminary planning visit for teachers and other group leaders. You can also discuss your visit with one of our education team by email or phone