Group Visits

For clubs, organisations etc


The museum is ideal for clubs, societies, and organisations looking for an interesting and unusual place to visit at moderate cost. Our group admission charges, for groups of 10 people or more, are even better value for money than our normal charges.

Group Prices

Groups of at least 10 people paying enjoy a discount on admission charges. The group prices are:

£4.50 (5 from 1/4/20)
£2.25 (3 from 1/4/20)
£3.50 (4 from 1/4/20)
£3.50 (4 from 1/4/20)
£3.50 (4 from 1/4/20)
Group of visitors gathered by fence looking up at unseen speaker. Colourful boat and mock arch bridge behind.

Children are those aged 5-15 inclusive (7-15 inclusive from 1/4/20). Seniors are those aged 60 and over (65 and over from 1/4/20).

For groups of 25 or more paying adults, one organiser is admitted free of charge.

For groups of children, one supervising adult is admitted free for every 10 paying children

Group admission charges are paid by the organiser on behalf of everyone in the group, not individually.

Extras for Groups

Two men point to canal map on wall

Group gathered on canal towpath, canal to the right

For groups we will usually be able to offer additional benefits, depending on your exact requirements. For example

  • Special opening of the museum in the evening or early in the day may be possible for larger groups of 25 or more.
  • Services of a guide during your visit. Groups of 20 or more are offered a free introduction from one of our staff. Larger groups or groups with a special interest may ask for a talk or guided tour appropriate to their interests and needs. A specialist gallery talk can sometimes be provided for special-interest groups, for which the charge is normally £40
  • Guided towpath walk to/from Camden. A charge of £40 per guide will be made for a private guided towpath walk. One guide can usually lead up to 25 people. This charge is is separate from admission charges. Our guide can arrange to meet you at Camden and bring you to the museum in about an hour and a half, or the walk can start from the museum and end at Camden. The walk is suitable for everyone including wheelchair users.
  • Services of an education officer (for school and youth groups). Children in groups are charged 5 for supported group with up to 3 activities


Coaches can drop off passengers right outside our front door in New Wharf Road. The nearest on-street coach meters can be found by following this link to coach parking places on the TfL website. If your driver has a mobile phone we can call him or her when you are ready to be collected.

Disabled visitors

Lady in wheelchair reads outdoor explanation, ramp behindThe museum is fully accessible and we welcome groups of disabled visitors as well as disabled members of all groups. We will try whenever possible to make special arrangements for extra help to groups of disabled people. For example, a handling collection can be made available to groups of visually impaired people. Please let us know about your particular needs.

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Booking your visit

Please be sure to book in advance. You can book in advance by e-mail - or make an enquiry. You can telephone us on 020 7713 0836. When you telephone, we may need to take your number so that the best person to help you can call you back. Please give your name, and telephone number, as well as your e-mail address. Please let us know the number of people, whether adults, children, Senior Citizens etc., and the time and date on which you would like to visit. If you have any additional requirements (e.g. refreshments) please let us know either when booking or, if booking well in advance, nearer the time. There is no paperwork to do and we don't need to know your exact numbers until you arrive - an estimate will be fine.

In planning your day, you should allow a minimum of an hour for a short visit. Most groups will find two hours is an ample time to spend, depending on how long they want to browse in the shop.

Museum Shop

Museum shop with freestanding display stands laden with  souvenirsVisiting the shop is an enjoyable part of a museum visit for many people and your group will find plenty of interesting things in our well-stocked shop. Here you can browse an extensive range of books about canals, and we have many different souvenirs and gifts to suit every purse or pocket and for all ages.


The museum has ladies' and gents' toilets on the first floor, which are modern, with hot water soap and hot air hand drying machines always available. There is a toilet near the entrance on the ground floor designed for wheelchair users and the mobility impaired. Anyone can use this. It also has a baby changing facility.

Boat Trips for groups

A boat trip in conjunction with a museum visit is an ideal way to really experience the atmosphere of the Regent's Canal and view the buildings and sights of the canal from the water. The museum has it's own mooring on the canal, right next to our back door. When considering a boat trip you need to be aware that there are no low-cost boats that take groups of more than 12 people, so unless you have a group of more than 36 people, you will need a generous budget to charter a boat for everyone to travel together. The best way to arrange a trip for a group of 13-36 people is to use a 12-passenger boat and run two or three trips of about 55 minutes. Whilst some of the group are on the water, the rest are in the museum. If you have a larger group you can charter two 12-person boats and run two or three trips for 24 people at a time. However, when you have more than 36 people in your group, it is also worth considering the charter of a larger commercial boat such as the Jenny Wren, which carries up to 72 passengers. Read more on our Boat Trips for Groups page

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Other things to do

The King's Cross area offers more for the visitor than you might have thought! If you are looking for an additional attraction close by, why not consider one of the following:



A blue decorated milk jug pours milk into cupsThe museum can provide tea and coffee and we sell canned soft drinks and ice creams in the museum shop. The charge per person for tea/coffee/biscuits is £1 (including VAT), payable by the organiser on behalf of the whole group. The charge is calculated on the number of people in the group - not the number who want tea or coffee. Tea/coffee for groups must be requested in advance. There is also a vending machine selling tea/coffee, chocolate and soup priced at 70p. This is an option where some group members wish to have a hot drink and others do not.


There are numerous restaurants and small cafes within easy walking distance of the museum. There is a wide variety of food available at every price level. Some of the smaller cafes could not accommodate a large group. In adition there are several pubs offering bar meals. It is possible to arrange for a buffet lunch to be delivered by a caterer to the museum so that a group can have lunch in the museum. In fine weather groups often like to eat outside. However the group organiser will need to book and pay for the lunch delivery directly with the supplier. We'll be happy to listen to your preferences about the type of lunch you prefer, your lunch budget, and make suggestions based on our good local knowledge.

Alcoholic drinks are not permitted during normal opening hours. Events with alcohol are considered to be private functions. Please see our venue hire sub-site for information about our function hire services.

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Itinerary ideas

These are just examples - you can plan your day to suit your group:

  1. Arrive at museum 1100. Guide gives you an introduction and is then available to answer questions whilst group members look around informally. At 1300 go to a local pub or cafe for lunch, or group members choose their own lunch arrangements individually. Museum staff offer directions to nearby facilities. At 1400 assemble back at the museum for a guided towpath walk to Camden. At 1530 arrive at Camden and board a boat for a trip to Little Venice. The day ends around 1630. Group members travel home from Little Venice by bus, train or Underground.
  2. A group of Senior Citizens arrives at the museum at 1330. After a short introduction, 12 group members embark on a community narrowboat for a trip through Islington Tunnel whilst the others enjoy the museum. At around 1445 the first group to take a boat trip is back, and the second 12 group members go for a boat ride, whislt the first group visit the museum. The visit is over at around 1600.
  3. Meet your guide at Camden around 1330 for a guided walk to the museum, arriving around 1445. Your guide introduces the museum and arranges tea/coffee whilst your group watches our archive film. Members of the group view the exhibits until around 1615.