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What's On

There is plenty going on at London Canal Museum. We have regular monthly illustrated talks in the evening, aimed at adults with an interest in industrial heritage and canals. We have a programme of towpath walks on occasional dates, and summer boat trips through the long Islington Tunnel on certain dates. We have occasional special days of activities for families or adults. We also occasionally offer roses and castles painting courses, and other events.

Illustrated Talks

Illustrated talks are held at 7.30 pm, on the first Thursday of each month except August. Most speakers illustrate their presentations with photographs. The museum is open 1000 to 1930 on the first Thursday of each month. Admission to talks and museum is charged at the usual museum admission charges. The programme is given below. In the event of any last minute changes to lectures or other events the site will be updated if sufficient notice is available.

A short narrowboat entering the mouth of Islington Tunnel on one of our guided tours.

Temporary Exhibitions

Full List of Events

Date Event
October 2019
27th October 2019 Guided: Tunnel Boat Trips from the museum through Islington Tunnel. Departure times 1100 1200 1400 1500 and 1600. All trips return to the museum. Booking should be made in advance and includes your museum visit. For more information and to book go to the tunnel trips page.
November 2019
7th November 2019 Illustrated talk: The Chelmer and Other Essex Waterways by John Pomfret (of the IWA). The history of the Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation is an interesting case study. Here the private navigation company failed, and, to keep the navigation open, the Inland Waterways Association stepped in. Now the waterway is in good shape. Sadly the same cannot be said for some of the other Essex waterways .
December 2019
5th December 2019 Illustrated talk: Boston's Waterways by Simon Judge. Simon, during the past two years, has had his boat moored over winter in Ely and has explored the many waterways of the area, collectively called the Fens. He also has crossed the Wash, in both directions, and is planning another such trip next year. He will tell us of his various cruises in the area.
January 2020
2nd January 2020 Illustrated talk: London Canal Walks by Roger Wilkinson and Tim Lewis. The canal walks were the idea of Michael Essex-Lopresti, a long standing member of the London branch of the Inland Waterways Association. He gradually developed a team of volunteers to run them. Roger Wilkinson currently is the walks team organiser. Tim Lewis is the Chair of the local IWA branch and has created a library of waterways pictures.
February 2020
6th February 2020 Illustrated talk: The Bicentenary of The Regent's Canal by Lester Hillman. This year we celebrate the 200th anniversary of the opening of The Regent's Canal. Lester, in his own way, will recount and illuminate that event.
March 2020
5th March 2020 Illustrated talk: Changes of Level by Edwin Fasham. One of the key features of canals is the way in which they enable boats to go uphill. Various ideas, over the years, have facilitated the mechanisms by which this is achieved. Edwin will call on his many travels to identify various examples of locks, lifts and other devices and how they operate.
April 2020
2nd April 2020 Illustrated talk: The Manchester Ship Canal by Richard Thomas. Opened in 1894, it was Britain's last and greatest canal. It was an entirely local venture undertaken without any government financial backing. In its heyday, it transformed Manchester into the country's third busiest port. Richard will explain its history and development.
May 2020
7th May 2020 Illustrated talk: The Bedford to Milton Keynes Waterway by speaker to be announced.
4th June 2020
2020 Illustrated talk: The Melton Navigation and Oakham Canal by Paul Dadford
July 2020
2nd July 2020 Illustrated talk: A Birmingham Canals Miscellany by Phillip Clayton
September 2020
3rd September 2020 Illustrated talk: The Tideway Tunnel by Jordan Newall
October 2020
1st October 2020 Illustrated talk: City Road Basin by Giles Eyre
November 2020
5th November 2020 Illustrated talk: The Erewash Canal by John Bayliss
December 2020
3rd December 2020 Illustrated talk: Limehouse and its basin by Jeremy Batch

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