Ice Heritage Weekend 20th and 21st July

A weekend about the ice trade.

What's On

Ice weekend 20th and 21st July 2024. For some years we have offered a one-day opportunity to visit the underground ice wells during the Festival of Archaeology each July. This year we also have activities on the Saturday (no ice well visits). There will be a showing of rare film of ice harvesting, ice cream making demonstrations, and talks about the ice trade.

Both days - Saturday and Sunday

1000 Doors open
Ice Trail available all day
1100 Victorian ice-cream-making demonstration
1200 Building history guided tour (1 hour)
1400 Ice trade history gallery talk
1500 Victorian ice-cream-making demonstration
Ice-gathering archive film all day
1630 Close

Saturday only

Short boat trips to/from St. Pancras, lasting 20-25 minutes. Book in advance on our boat trips page.

Sunday only

Ice well visits at 1015 and every 30 minutes until 1615. Book in advance on this page
Tunnel boat trips 1100, 1200, 1400, 1500, 1600 (one-way). Book in advance on our boat trips page

The Ice Trail

On both days take an ice trail around the museum, a quiz helping you discover more about the way Victorian London was supplied with ice. Collect a trail sheet at reception and get exploring

Building tour

Our building has many interesting features that may not be noticed at a glance. In the brickwork you can identify signs of the changes that have taken place over the years, and see clues about the past uses of the building. Your guide Malcolm has studied the building for many years and is an expert on its features. 1200 on Saturday and on Sunday. Duration: 1 hour.

Gift vouchers for this and other online bookings

Ice-cream-making demonstrations

You can see an original in a display case but we use a replica of Mrs Agnes Bertha Marshall's patented ice-cream maker for our demonstrations of how the Victorians made ice cream. A mixture of ice and salt falls below zero degrees celcius, and this freezing mixture surrounds a container in which the cream mixture is stirred to keep it smooth and evenly frozen. Operating the rotating handle for several minutes can be a tiring job. The Victorians made ice-cream in flavours that are rare today and ice-cream had to be eaten quickly because storage was almost impossible before freezers were invented. Samples may sometimes be tasted. Lasts up to an hour. Seats provided.

Boat trips

On Saturday short boat trips will be available every half-hour. These don't go through a lock or tunnel and there is no guide or refreshments on board. On Sunday our usual Sunday programme of guided tunnel trips will operate with a guide on board and tea/coffee included on board. Boat trip seats are expected to sell out therefore please book in advance.

Visitors in the ice well, brick walls, mud floor

Book an ice well visit

Tickets are limited and should be booked in advance

Prices are 11.50 for adults and 10 for concessions. Museum entry is included. Concessions are Seniors (aged 65 and over), Students (with ID), children 14-16, and unwaged (with evidence). This is not suitable for young children.Please book in advance.

Booking both a tunnel boat trip and an ice well visit on Sunday

There are tunnel boat trips available on 21st July. If you have ALREADY booked a tunnel boat trip you can use your ticket number as a discount code to get 6 off (5 concessions) an ice well visit when you book your ice well visit. Note you MUST book the boat trip first. Points to remember are:

Important Information - essential reading

There are important restrictions regarding visits down into the ice well

These are: