Accessibility Summary

One of the Most Accessible Museums in London


London Canal Museum is one of the most easily accessible in England for disabled visitors. All parts of the museum are accessible to people with a disability and there is plenty of interest to enjoy. Whatever your disability there is sure to be something of interest that you can enjoy at London Canal Museum

Mobility Impaired

Wheelchair users have their own page of detailed information.

The museum is well provided for if your mobility is impaired. Access is level, the floor surfaces are firm, and there are lift alternatives to all staircases. If you prefer to use the stairs and can do so, there are handrails on both sides of every staircase. Both the main entrance doors and the door to the wharf are power operated and can easily be worked by pressing a button. The main entrance doors are usually automatic in operation but for reasons of security there are times when they are opened by staff to allow entry.

All the taps in all the toilets are lever operated and easy to use for visitors who cannot grip a knob. All toilets offer warm air hand dryers. Mobility-impaired visitors are welcome to use the disabled visitors' toilet.

Chairs are available on both floors if you need to rest.

Learning Disabilities

It is our policy to offer three levels of explanation:

  1. Introduction text, in simple language
  2. Second level text, with more detail but nonetheless explaining things in plain language
  3. Third level text, providing a good deal more detail for those who wish to find out much more about the subject

The above has been implemented on the ground floor and for the Horse Power exhibition on the first floor. Some older exhibitions do not follow this pattern. Much of the museum is appreciated visually and will appeal to everyone irrespective of intellectual ability.

Deaf and Hearing Impaired

Hearing Impaired visitors have their own page of detailed information. Deaf and hearing-impaired visitors can enjoy all of the exhibitions without difficulty. A British Sign Language introduction is available on the page.

Blind and Visually Impaired Visitors

Blind and visually impaired visitors have their own page of detailed information

We have a fantastic audio tour, designed specially for the visually-impaired visitor.

Video View of Accessibility