Angel Canal Festival Over The Years

Festival of Music and Dancing

Festival of Music and Dancing

A man walks towards the camera playing a brass instrument with arched bridge behind over canal

Peripatetic instrumentalists have featured in most festivals - or wandering minstrels if you prefer! 2002

A walking band on the towpath with boats behind

Strolling bands share the towpath with crowds. 2003

A band on the lock-side

Usually there is a band playing beside City Road Lock. 2005

Morris dancers in white costume perform on towpath

Morris dancing has featured in most years on the towpath and the streets. 2005

A band plays in a gap between stalls on the towpath

Bands of music also play in allocated positions between the stalls, where there is enough width! 2007

Young ladies in green dresses dance on the street

Majorettes and dancers of all sorts entertain the crowds. 2007

Three men with instruments on the lock-side

The lock is a stage every year to entertain a happy crowd. 2007

Morris dancing on a closed street, Graham Street

Graham Street and other nearby roads are closed to facilitate the festival. Dancing in the streets, 2007

Seated musician at keyboard on side of lock

Sitting by the waterside. Performing on the lock in 2015.

A brass ensemble on the foredeck of the narrowboat Helix

On the foredeck of the narrowboat Helix, a brass band performs. 2007

A lady in a multicoloured dress on the lock-side with a man holding a double bass

Multi-coloured costume and double bass. Music comes in great variety at the 2009 festival!

Ensemble performing against a background of a modern high building

The scene has changed over the years with the controversial construction of a large modern building beside City Road Lock. It did not dampen the joy of this 2009 performance.

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