Trust Policies

Health and Safety Policy


The safety and health of all persons using or working in the museum is the Trust's first priority.

This includes:

Health and safety is managed by the Council of Management as an integral part of all the museum's operations. It is our policy to ensure that recognised standards are adhered to and that all legal obligations are met. We have compiled and we maintain a generic risk assessment for the museum as a whole and in addition we carry out risk assessments for specific activities as necessary. These are not always recorded in writing.

We publish a risk assessment for visiting groups of children on our website as a tool for use by teachers and others in charge of youth groups planning to visit. This alerts them to the part that youth group leaders must play and enables them to plan a safe visit.

We select contractors carefully either directly or through professional intermediaries with the necessary expertise. In so doing we ensure that such firms are competent to manage whatever work they are engaged to do in a safe fashion.

We maintain the premises in a safe condition for all our users and attend promptly to any repairs having safety implications. The premises are inspected regularly as a normal part of the management of the building. We provide and maintain a comprehensive fire detection and alarm system and a personal alarm connected to the security system.

We consider any issues relating to the spread of infectious diseases on the premises as part of our assessment of risk.

We keep health and safety under review and re-assess risks when circumstances change.

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