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We hope you will buy canal books from the London Canal Museum shop, in person. However, if you are too far away or unable to visit, why not order online from us or from from Amazon, the leading online retailer for books and much else besides. For every Amazon order placed the Canal Museum Trust will receive a commission which will go to the museum. Please allow a week for delivery of books ordered direct from us.

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The Canal Belongs to Me

Tony Byfield with London Canal Museum

Tony Byfield is one of the last surviving London canal tractor drivers. In the 1950s, miniature diesel tractors were introduced to the towpath to replace horses, working short-distance barge traffic around London's waterways. Taken from interviews and oral history recordings, this book is an account of his life and times on the London canals and is a vivid account of a previously little-documented story.

Cover of The Canal Belongs to Me

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Waterways on the Western Front

London Canal Museum exhibition team

Hardback. A little-told account of how the British Army, and civilian relief organisations, used canals in the First World War in France and Belgium. Drawing on previously unseen archive material and personal experiences, the book reveals an unfamiliar aspect of the First World War, the use and abuse of the many canals and waterways of Belgium and the vital role they played in the war.

Waterways on the Western Front

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