Waterways of England and Wales

1900 - 1910


Introduction to 1900 - 1910

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These historical maps are the work of the late Dr. Mike Stevens

A Period of Stagnation

During this decade, very little happened. A few navigations were lost, notably the Great Ouse and the Basingstoke Canal.

On the other side of the balance, the navigations in Yorkshire fared better than many in the face of railway competition, thanks to their policy of strenuous modernisation, which now produced the New Junction Canal.

Yet another London to the South Coast proposal was made but, like all such, with the exception of the Wey & Arun Junction Canal, it was never built.

Connecting to the Thames estuary, the Mardyke Canal, a proposal that had been around intermittently since 1776, was revived for the last time, but with no more success than previously.