Waterways of England and Wales

1860 - 1870


Introduction to 1860 - 1870

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These historical maps are by the late Dr. Mike Stevens

More of the same

During this decade, the trends of closure and railway take-overs continued. By 1866 the rush of railway take-overs was over, although a few more had yet to happen.

All the canals leading to Kidwelly closed, as did the Chard Canal and the tub-boat section of the Grand Western. Paradoxically, at the same time a proposal was made for a Grand Western Maritime Canal to connect the English and Bristol Channels. Its proposed route is not known.

On the positive side, the Cannock Extension Canal was completed, and linked via Churchbridge locks to the Hatherton Branch of the Staffs & Worcs.

An earlier proposal to extend the navigation of the Aire above Leeds to Armley was revived, but once again it came to nothing.

In the South-East, several of the river navigations leading to the south coast were lost, as was the Wey & Arun Junction Canal.