Specialist Roles

Volunteer for specialist jobs


There are a number of more specialist positions occupied by volunteers

Collections Assistant

We are looking for a collections assistant to assist the Collections Manager with all aspects of the care of the physical collection, including cataloguing, physical care, and a small amount of conservation work. The commitment is flexible according to the time available but not less than two days a month would be expected. The position calls for the ability to work on own initiative to a large extent.

A woman holds photographs in her hands surrounded by collection objects

Download PDF file of Collections Manager Role Description

Oral History Team Leader

We are looking for an oral history enthusiast to lead the oralhistory team. We collect stories and memories of people who have experienced life on the London canals and associated history by recording interviews that are then added to the museum's collection. The team leader's role is to receive and investigate possible leads on candidates for interview, allocate interviewing to other team members as well as him or herself, and guide the work of the technical editor and transcriber

Oral History Technical Editor

You will need to be computer-literate to do this role as it involves editing the raw audio files collected by oral history interviewers to eliminate unwanted noises and digressions (e.g. interruptions, external noises, hesitation noises, repetitions) to produce agood quality recording suitable for publication where practicable. Previous experience with Audacity or similar software would be desirable

Oral History Transcriber

For reference, and for publication as an aid to hearing-impaired users, we create transcripts of oral history recordings. This involves listening and writing down what is said. It is a role that could be carried out from home if preferred.

Video Producer

We have an opportunity for someone with a mixture of technical and editorial and research skills to make a range of videos for the museum's Youtube channel and other platforms. An interest in canal history is important for this, as is the ability to do all the technical aspects of video making including adding subtitles, and editing. You would need to research the subject, write the script or outline, do the filming, and put the whole thing together. The videos will be mainly public education videos about canal history, although there is also an opportunity to make promotional material for the museum. You'll be expected to work on your own initiative but we will consider paying for equipment hire if necessary, and will meet any out-of-pocket expenses.

IT Support

We have a variety of IT systems and if you are good with computers, networking, and the maintenance of hardware and software, we'd like to talk to you. The amount of time needed will fluctuate, there will seldom be regular times or regular work. You will be prepared to come in when there ar problems to be solved as well as to do routine jobs. The time commitment is estimated at half aday a week but with many variations on that average figure.

Ice Cream Demonstrator

We are looking for a costumed interpreter to act in the role of Mrs Agnes B. Marshall, a celebrated cook and teacher in her day and the publisher of two books of ice cream recipies in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. She gave cookery demonstrations to large audiences in the days before such things were done on television and we would like our costumed interpreter to do scheduled ice-cream making demonstrations for our visitors in the museum. Some demonstrations will be for planned groups of visitors, mostly on weekdays, and some will be at weekends. We have a reproduction of Mrs Marshall's ice cream making machine that is used for these demonstrations. A costume will be provided. You will need to:

Lady in Edwardian costume stands behind a table on which sits a wooden churn and various utensils

Download PDF file of Costumed Interpreter Role Description