Regent’s Canal Quiz

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Test your knowledge about the Regent’s Canal

The Regents Canal was opened in 1820. Some sections were in use the previous year.
Three! Maida Hill(272 yards), and Islington(960 yards) close to the London Canal Museum. The short Eyres Tunnel beneath Lisson Grove is not always counted as a tunnel.
A barge carrying explosives blew up under Macclesfield bridge, killing three crew. The canal was closed for 3 days. The accident cost the company a fortune in compensation.
Ice! Blocks of ice were cut from lakes in Norway and brought by ship to Limehouse where they were transferred to barges for delivery to ice storage wells adjoining the canal.
No! The Regents Canal locks can accommodate two narrowboats or one barge at the same time.
The Cumberland Arm was closed during the 1939-45 war and filled with debris from war damaged London. It ran from near Regents Park to Cumberland Basin close by Euston Station.
Tractors! In the 1950s motor tractors were used on the towing path to haul barges in place of horses .
Passing through Islington tunnel with the assistance of the steam tug. The smoke and steam in the tunnel made for a thoroughly unpleasant half hour.
There are high voltage electricity cables. The canal water is used to cool them. These were installed in the 1970s.
The Superintendent of the Canal, Thomas Homer, disappeared. A lot of shareholders money disappeared with him, and shareholders had to be asked for further funds.