Support a Child’s Education with a Museum Visit

By bringing your child to visit London Canal Museum you can entertain them and help their education at the same time.

The exhibitions support the National Curriculum, in particular:

  • Transport. (all stages) The building of the canals made the industrial revolution possible. Explore the simple science which enables a horse to pull more than ten times more weight on water than on a cart, to understand their revolutionary impact on Britain. The museum building was itself part of London’s goods transport structure – it was turned into a horse and cart depot for ice carts and you can see the ramp by which horses reached the first floor stabling.
  • Victorian Britain.  The social conditions of the Victorian period are richly brought to life by the example of the canal boat dwelling population. When children go into our reconstructed cabin they are amazed by the conditions in which families lived. A sound recording entertains and educates as the canal boat family are heard discussing their lives.
  • Local History. (all stages) The coming of the Regent’s Canal had a major impact on what was then a rural area north of the metropolis. The museum backs on to Battlebridge Basin, once a thriving hive of industry, now used for residential boats.
  • Science. (all stages) How do canal boats climb uphill? Why didn’t the imported ice melt? Why can heavy loads be carried so easily by water? Answer these and more questions!