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The London Lates Festival 27th-28th September 2019

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Emerge is an exciting festival of museums in the evening in which many London museums are participating on 27th and 28th September 2019. Aimed in particular at young adults (the young-at-heart are equally welcome) it will be an extravaganza of entertainment for an inclusive price that gives admission to all venues. Around London, museums and cultural institutions will open their doors until late and put on events and shows that you wouldn't normally expect to see.

Emerge at London Canal Museum

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Plans for Emerge at London Canal Museum are provisional at the moment. We are working on an exciting idea for an installation that will be very different from most if not all other venues. We are planning to comission an immersive soundscape that will draw on the sights and sounds of the canals, boats, the ice trade, and the people who remember them in the past. Details are not yet decided but London Canal Museum will be the must-see artistic experience in the festival. If you've never been to listen to a museum before, bring your ears.

A cash bar will be available so visitors will be able to linger and enjoy a drink before dashing off to see another of the Emerge attractions

Emerge tickets will be available online from the early summer and you'll be able to visit as many venues as you can get around in an evening. We'll be open from 1800 until at least 2300. We are the easy-to-get to attraction of Emerge:

Bookmark this page and come back to check for updates, also follow us on all the usual social media for updates nearer the time (look for @canalmuseum)

Visitors not in posession of a festival wristband will be admitted at normal museum entry charges

The Emerge festival wesbite

We're partnering with the new kid on the festival block: Emerge. Taking place on 27th and 28th September 2019, Emerge will see an all-star creative cast of DJs, debates, music, poets and performance. Their stage will be 50 of the capital's cultural venues, from Tower Bridge to small museums and of course the London Canal Museum will be a highlight of the Emerge experience.

With one ticket, you'll be able to choose from 50 quinessential London locations and the top pic of emerging young talent

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