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Venue Hire

During the current public health emergency venues cannot offer the usual personal show-round to couples planning a wedding. We have introduced a live show-round tour that you can join via Skype or Zoom that's as close as you can get to a guided specialist walk-round without actually being there. You'll talk to our experienced venue manager as you look at pictures of past events in the same order as you would have seen the building if you had been there in person.

About the tour

The tour is a 60 slide presentation that goes around the building in the same order as a typical in-person tour. Our venue hire manager will talk you through the pictures and you will be able to ask questions just as you would if you were there in person. Appointments can currently be made on any day of the week from 0900 to 2200.

The tour is expected to last up to half an hour but this depends on what questions you ask

Slide showing picture of a cake in front of a colourful boat side

These tours are live events so you need to make an appointment just as you would to be shown around in person.

Sometimes we may include more than one couple in the tour at the same time, so you might see someone else's Skype identity and they might see yours. If you choose Zoom you'll only see a name. This can work well as other people may ask questions that will be useful to you too.

You don't need any special software to run Zoom, it works in a browser. You need Skype to run Skype.

You need to participate in this tour on a laptop, desktop, or large tablet not a mobile phone. You will not be able to see the pictures adequately on a small-screen device

Family and friends can join in if you wish. You will need to pass on the meeting details to them.

Book your tour

To book your tour please fill in the usual venue hire enquiry form. Say in the comments that you would like a Zoom/Skype tour and when you're available for this e.g. evenings, weekends, daytimes, or only on Wednesdays, etc.

Booking a wedding without actually going to the venue may be something you're reluctant to do. Normally we expect a deposit of 150 including VAT to confirm a booking but we will currently accept a fee of 30 to reserve a date, that you will need to confirm or cancel after visiting in person later. The 30 is not refundable and if you do not visit in person when the museum re-opens, within a reasonable time, (or pay the full deposit) we will release the date that you reserved. The 30 date reservation fee will be deducted from your final invoice if you go ahead.