Teachers & Group Leaders

Melting & Keeping Ice – Changing Materials

Key Stage 2
50 Minutes
Up to 20 children


In this workshop we explore the problem of keeping things cold when there are no freezers. Discover the importance of ice houses and learn about insulators through active experiments.

National Curriculum


  • Identifying differences, similarities or changes related to simple scientific ideas and processes (Y3)
  • Compare and group materials together, according to whether they are solids, liquids or gases (Y4)
  • Observe that some materials change state when they are heated or cooled, and measure or research the temperature at which this happens in degrees Celsius (°C) (Y4)
  • Demonstrate that dissolving, mixing and changes of state are reversible changes (Y5)

Learning Objectives

  • The children will understand that different materials provide different amounts of insulation
  • The children will understand the concept of ‘fair testing’
  • The children will link Gatti’s warehouse with the above facts