Teachers & Group Leaders


  • Combine your museum visit with a boat trip on the historic Regent’s Canal. A trip on the canal, which is more than 180 years old, can bring history to life and promote learning in a way that would not be possible in the classroom. Close by the museum is a long tunnel through which your group can travel. The opportunities to consider the engineering, science, mathematical work, geology, and biology of the canals are endless. The boat can pass through a canal lock during your trip so that the science involved can be fully grasped by the children. It is also highly enjoyable! There are various itinerary options, and we have our own mooring point right beside the museum so you can step off the boat and into the gallery.
  • Book a workshop lead by our museum staff to support the national curriculum and offer an insight into the themes surrounding the museums collection.
  • Download a teacher lead activity or learning pack from the various pages on this site and spend the day studying an aspect of the museums collection to support a scheme of work or module from the national curriculum, (with optional boat trip).
  • Divide your class into three groups which take part in three activities in turn.
    • Work in the museum using one of the many free downloadable resources.
    • Take part in a workshop activity, for example making lace plates and colouring them.
    • An optional boat trip on the canal using one of our local community narrowboats. The boat trip will cost around £120 and for this every pupil would have a boat trip that lasts an hour and would include going though a lock or through the Islington tunnel. Maximum size of class for this would be 30.
  • If you have a larger group of children you can combine your visit to the museum with a trip on a boat with larger capacity such as the Camden based Jenny Wren. One group can start at the museum the other at Camden, travelling to the museum by boat through a lock. The other group starts at the museum and journeys to Camden by boat after the museum visit. Please ask about charges for boat hire
  • Combine your visit with a walk along the towpath. Download our guide for the Regents canal including points of interest. Your students will discover the architecture and structures which provide evidence of London’s past.
  • By prior arrangement, have a Roses & Castles painting workshop. Must be booked in advance and an extra charge of £1 per person taking part. Minimum number 8