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The Ice Trade

Key Stage 2


This lesson will look at the ice trade and the impact this had on the lives of ordinary people in Victorian London. The students will learn what the ice trade was, explain how different this was from what came before, and why this was an important change for ordinary people. NB This lesson links with Carlo Gatti - see lesson plan page.

National Curriculum


  • The pupils will give reasons for the particular uses of everyday materials, including metals, wood and plastic


  • The pupils will carry out a local study


  • Speaking and listening

Learning Objectives

  • To know what ice was used for.
  • To know what the ice trade was and how this was different to ways people collected ice before
  • To know how the ice trade changed people’s lives in Victorian times


  • All children will learn that ice was brought from Norway
  • Most children will learn that ice was placed in wooden ships for insulation
  • Some children will learn that ice boxes were insulated and allowed food to be stores before artificial refrigeration
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