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Land Use At Battlebridge

Key Stage 3


This lesson looks at the history of the Battlebridge Basin and its surroundings over the past 200 years. It traces the changes patterns of land use in the area, from the time when Battlebridge was a village in open countryside, through the construction of the canal and period of rapid urbanisation to the regeneration of the 21st century.

National Curriculum


  • Historical enquiry 4 Local, British, European & world history 7, Britain 1750-1900 10


  • Geographical Enquiry & Skills 1d, 2c & d, Breadth of Study 6h

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the reasons that the Regent's Canal was built, and the function of Battlebridge Basin as a place of transhipment and storage.
  • To understand the function of the warehouses along the wharves.
  • To explore the complete changes of land use in the area over the past 300 years.


  • All children will learn that the canal was used to transport commercial cargo.
  • Most children will be able to name some of the cargoes carried, explain how they were used, and explain what the function of the Basin was.
  • Some children will understand the changing nature of land use in the area over the past 300 years.
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