Teachers & Group Leaders

Canal Wildlife

Key Stage 1


This lesson introduces children to the variety of wildlife, particularly birds, mammals and insects, that live in, around and above the canal. It introduces the concept of habitat, and looks at the ways in which careless pollution can threaten such wildlife.

National Curriculum


  • Sc2 Life Processes & Living Things 5 Living Things in Their Environment


  • Ma2 Number 5a & b Processing, Representing & Interpreting Data

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the meaning of the word habitat in an ecological context.
  • To discover the variety of species that may be found living in or near canals.
  • To learn about different types of pollution, and learn about the dangers they may cause.


  • All children will learn that a variety of different animals live in & near the canal, and how to write a tally chart.
  • Most children will be able to classify these into classes e.g. birds, mammals, insects etc without help.
  • Some children will understand the concept of habitat and the dangers of pollution.
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