Teachers & Group Leaders

The Ecology of the Regent’s Canal

Key Stage 3


Like many other canals in British cities, the Regent's Canal provides an important sanctuary for wildlife. There are two main habitats - the water in the canal itself, and the grass and trees along the banks. Together, they provide a home for a variety of insects, birds and mammals which not only share the space but are interdependent on each other. This activity gives students practice in classification and sampling techniques, and an opportunity to consider the food chains that exist within the habitats.

National Curriculum


  • NC Sc2 Life Processes and Living Things: Variation, Classification and Inheritance: 4b
  • Living Things in Their Environment 5a&b
  • Feeding Relationships 5e
  • QCA Unit 7c Environmental and Feeding Relationships Unit 8D Ecological Relationships

Learning Objectives

  • To learn exactly what is meant by a habitat, and to distinguish between natural and man made ones.
  • To develop skills in genus & species identification using keys and charts.
  • To develop fieldwork skills of observation and recording.
  • To introduce the use of the quadrat as a means of ecological sampling.
  • To understand the interdependence of the species in the habitat, and to draw up a food chain or web from their observations.
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