This map shows the river Thames running from left to right in the centre. The Grand Junction Canal branches out to the north west from the river. The Paddington Arm of the Grand Junction Canal joins the main line a little way away from the Thames and is shaped like a shallow arch, ending in the middle of the map, at Paddington. From there the Regent's Canal runs through north London to the east, the Thames at Limehouse, on the right hand side of the map. There is a short branch off it to the north east, the Hertford Union Canal. This joins to the River Lee Navigation which is seen as a vertical line to the east of the map, then joining the Limehouse cut which joins the Thames at Limehouse close to the end of the Regent's Canal. South of the Thames there is a small canal shown in the middle, the Grand Surrey, and off that is the Croydon Canal, also short. Right in the centre are two short branches, the Grosvenor and Kensington canals, both on the north side of the Thames.