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The Ecology of the Regent's Canal


Like many other canals in British cities, the Regent's Canal provides an important sanctuary for wildlife. There are two main habitats - the water in the canal itself, and the grass and trees along the banks. Together, they provide a home for a variety of insects, birds and mammals which not only share the space but are interdependent on each other. This activity gives students practice in classification and sampling techniques, and an opportunity to consider the food chains that exist within the habitats.

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Key Stage 3 History Activities


This workshop looks in considerable detail at the growth of the canal network during the 18th century, using the resources available in the Museum - maps of the network, the Coronis, the costume displays, Battlebridge Basin, cargo handling, the life of Carlo Gatti, The displays in the Museum are used as stimuli for analytical thinking about the role of the canals in the Industrial Revolution.

National Curriculum

KS3 History Historical Enquiry 4a, Breadth of Study 7a, b, & bc, Britain (1750-1900) 10

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Looking at Buildings


The London Canal Museum is housed in a building put up over 150 years ago, for a very different purpose from the one it is used for now. In the drive for regeneration around the Battlebridge Basin, some buildings have, like the London Canal Museum, been adapted and reused. Others have been demolished, and new ones, made out of quite different material, put in their place. This activity looks at the buildings as machines for living and working, and in terms of design. It also examines the differences in materials used to build them.

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NC KS3 Art & Design Exploring & Developing Ideas 1a & c, Breadth of Study 5 a, b, & d QCA Art & Design Unit 7b What’s In a Building?

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