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This page offers a summary of the various resources that we have for download on this site. More detail is given in the appropriate part of the site.

Resources to Download for use - KS1

Canal Families Activity Sheet
  • Coronis interior
  • Canal Costume
  • Horse Stall
  • Horse Artefact Display
  • Hayracks
  • Horse Shoe Display
  • Horse Harness Display

Coronis on ground floor, Costume on Mezzanine, remainder on first floor

The Ice Man Activity Sheet
  • Ice Trade Exhibition
  • Carlo Gatti Flip Book
  • Ice Boxes
  • Horse & Ice Cart model
  • Ice Wells
Ground Floor
Canal Wildlife Lesson Plan Outdoor activity  
Materials Lesson Plan Classroom or museum  

Resources for KS2

Downloadable resource Related exhibition NC Link Location in museum
Roses & Castles Activity Sheet Roses & Castles Canal Art KS2 Ground Floor
Transport in the 1930s Activity Sheet 'Barging Through London' Archive film KS2 First Floor
Battlebridge Basin Mapping Lesson Plan Battlebridge Basin and outside KS2 Mezzanine
Forces on the Canal Lesson Plan None Inside KS2 Outside
Navvies Lesson Plan Canal Life KS2 Mezzanine
Navvies information sheet Introduction panels KS2 Ground Floor
Maths Trail Whole museum KS2 All
Victorian Trail Whole museum KS2 All

Resources for KS3

The Ecology of the Regent's Canal - birds, water dipping, and more!

KS3 History Worksheets Covering a spectrum of the curriculum at KS3

KS3 Activity sheets An older set of sheets helping children to explore

Canal scene illustration