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part of canal scene
  part of canal scene
Do you know the answers to these questions? Push the Answer button below each question to see if you were right.

Question 1. When was the Regent's Canal opened?

Question 2. How many tunnels are there on the Regent's Canal and which is the longest?

Question 3. What crisis hit the canal at 0455, on 2nd October 1874?

Question 4 What was the canal's coldest cargo in the 19th Century?

Question 5 Is it true that only one narrowboat can pass through a lock at a time?

Question 6 Which part of the Regent's Canal has been closed for many years?

Question 7. What else, apart from horses, used to pull barges with a rope, along the Regents Canal?

Question 8. What was the Regents Canal boatman's regular suffocating experience?

Question 9. What is beneath the towpath of the Regents Canal that makes the use of mooring spikes a very unwise idea?

Question 10. What financial irregularity cost the Regents Canal Company dearly in 1815?

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