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Here you will find some activities and worksheets that you can look at in advance and bring along on your visit. These things will make your visit more fun for children and a more educational experience. Henrietta is the museum's horse, and she is the guide on a series of activities. Paper versions of Henrietta's Trail are usually available at reception. The other worksheets are only available online.

Henrietta's Trail Part 1 - Boats and Barges

Henrietta's Trail Part 2 - Canal Costume

Henrietta's Trail Part 3 - Carlo's Ice Trail

Henrietta's Trail Part 4 - Lifting & Handling/Cargos and Tolls

Henrietta's Trail Part 5 - Stable/Muscles and Steam

Activity worksheets (Varied)(approximately 1 mB)

Key stage 3 history worksheets (approximately 500 kB)

Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Click above to download Adobe Acrobat Reader if you do not have it. The worksheets are in Portable Document Format. Users with a vision disability will find useful advice on access to these files at

canal scenery illustration
Canal scene illustration