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Mikron Theatre Company (Registered Charity No 265169) is the best known touring theatre group specialising in canal and waterway related themes. London Canal Museum has been delighted to welcome them every summer summer since 1993.

Mikron at London Canal Museum 1994-2015

Red cabin side with lettering Mikron Theatre Marsden

Unfortunately, Mikron Theatre will not include the London Canal Museum in their 2016 tour.

Mikron's shows are lively, entertaining, musical, funny, and tackle serious historical themes. It is a close-up theatrical experience in the interesting surroundings of the London Canal Museum.

For three months the actors, who double up as the crew, the stage hands, and technicians, live aboard the narrowboat Tysley as they travel from venue to venue. The cast differs from year to year.

Ticket Prices 2015

There will be a £1 booking fee for all telephone bookings, but seats are available online with no booking fee payable. To obtain the discounted advance booking price you must book online or in person at the museum by 2359 on the evening before the show. Bookings are open.

For further information about Mikron and pictures see the Mikron Theatre site or the Mikron Theatre Facebook Page

The Shows 2015

One of Each

Saturday 27th June 2015
Poster for show One of Each
Writer: Deborah McAndew
Director : Chris Honer
Composer and MD : Rebekah Hughes
Designer : Kate Morton

Sir Caspian Delamere is a man on a mission, to find the finest Fish and Chips in Britain. He’s narrowed it down to two seaside vendors – finalists for his GOLDEN FISH-FORK award. By coincidence The Pickled Egg and The Silver Darling are rival establishments run by twins, Roderick and Annette Whale. Unable to agree on the best way to cook this iconic dish, they went their separate ways years ago, and now they find their food and their philosophies in direct competition for the coveted GOLDEN FISH-FORK.

Which portion will prevail? Rod’s old fashioned, homely style? Or Nettie’s high-tech twist on tradition? Their story is covered by unscrupulous journalist, Meriel Hacker, and she is after a scoop. So what will she do when she hooks a much bigger fish than she ever expected…?

Set sail with Mikron for a savoury tale about the British National Dish. Hot, salty and wrapped in newspaper!

Raising Agents

Sunday 28th June 2015
Poster image for Raising agents
Writer & lyricist : Maeve Larkin
Composers: O'Hooley and Tidow
Director : Marianne McNamara
Musical Director : Rebekah Hughes

Bunnington WI is a bit down-at-heel. Dwindling membership means they can barely afford the hall, let alone a decent speaker. So when a PR guru becomes a member, the women are glad of new blood. Initially.

The milk of WI kindness begins to sour when she re-brands them the Bunnington Bunnies. They’re hopping. With stakes higher than a five tiered cake stand, a battle ensues for the very soul of Bunnington, perhaps the WI itself!

On the threshold of one century into the next, this tale of hobbyists and lobbyists asks how much we should know our past or how much we should let go of it. Above all else, like the WI itself, Raising Agents is a story of friendship.

See a video clip of Mikron at LCM

Above: 2011 at London Canal Museum.

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Coming to see the Show

The mooring is reserved for Tysley so it is unlikely that there will be room for your boat on the mooring.

It is best to come by public transport, which is excellent, and runs all night. See our Find-Us page and other travel information.

If you are coming by car, there is free street parking in New Wharf Road and neighbouring streets at the times of these shows in 2015.

One of Each Trailer

Raising Agents Trailer

Mikron at the museum over the years

actors in costume playing music on a boat

Performing for the press on the bow of the Tyseley, in Battlebridge Basin, 26th June 2000. The company has been touring by boat for 44 years. .Left to right: Richard Povall, Elizabeth Eves, Anna Winslet, Edmund Harcourt

Man and woman dressed in black holding a document

All Steamed Up, 2003.

Four cast members pose in front of scenery in the museum

Cast on the set of Hell and High Water, 2011

Cast of Mikron 2009 pose on stern of narrowboat Tysley in Battlebridge Basin

Posing for the camera in 2009

A scene from Fair Trade, performers in costume, scenerey behind

Fair Trade, a play about the Co-operative Movement, in 2008.

Mikron in When the Cows Come Home. Actors in rurtal attire in front of museum horse exhibit

When the Cows Come Home, 2014

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