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We offer a changing programme of temporary exhibitions. There are usually two or three exhibitions per year on varied subjects relating to canals and the ice trade. In addition we occasionally host art installations or other short-term displays.

East End Voices

The East End's Regent's Canal Heritage

Until March 2017

A tractor driver stands in front of a lock, with  miniature boat tractor beside him.The Regentís and Hertford Union Canals have provided work, rest and play to East Enders for almost 200 years. While the water, locks, towpaths, and appeal to local people remain a constant, there have been big changes alongside. Few historic buildings remain and these are too often at risk. Laburnum Boat Club, supported by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, has been gathering stories, photos, articles and information about the Hertford Union Canal and the East End reach of The Regentís Canal.

The Canal brought the fishing out of me, kept me out of a lot of trouble, it kept me off the radar, kept me nut down. It's a part of the East End and it's a part of me.

East Londonís canals were once a centre for manufacturing, especially from timber, due to their proximity to the docks through which much of the wood was imported. The memories of local people, many of them still living, portray a lost world of industrial London in which the canals played a central part. It was also a world of comradeship, hard times, and sometimes of dishonesty and danger.

Material from the Laburnum Boat Club project has been redisplayed in this exhibition by London Canal Museum. This is the third and last exhibition arising from the Laburnum Boat Club project. Previous exhibitions covered the Hackney area and the Hertford Union Canal.