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We hope you will buy canal books from the London Canal Museum shop, in person. However, if you are too far away or unable to visit, why not order online from Amazon, the leading online retailer for books and much else besides. For every order placed the Canal Museum Trust will receive a commission which will go to the museum.

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Books and Maps about London Canals

Colourful map of the Grand Union Canal (includes London)

Guide to walking the Grand Union

Short history with guide to the canal

Large collection of pictures

Historical Map of London

A Waterways World guide

The definitive history of the Grand Junction

The growth of Marylebone and Paddington, including canal material

Book about the lea Valley including the Navigation

Geo Map of the Grand Union Canal in London (The Grand Junction, Regent's, and Hertford Union canals were all part of the Grand Union)

A deatailed and very entertaining, readable book that concentrates on the building of the Regent's Canal, 1811 to 1820.

The most detailed history of the Regent's Canal, published 2005

A short history of London's Canals with first class photographs

Towpath Guide

Chapters about the history of King's Cross including the canal

The only known book about the Croydon Canal and Grand Surrey

Short book about Little Venice

The Growth of Camden - including some canal material

Illustrated Guide to Little venice

Our Josh - reminiscences of WW1

Geo Map of the Lee and Stort